When traveling to regions where there is a possibility of extreme conditions, such as weather, ice and natural phenomena, your safety is our top priority. That’s why our small, expedition ships are purpose-built as Polar Category C and Ice Class 1B vessels for Antarctic explorations. Learn more about it by clicking below.

Our expedition team takes you to Antarctica’s shores via Zodiac. Before stepping foot on these vessels, they will brief you on protocols for embarking, disembarking, and riding to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. It’s important you follow their instructions at all times as they guide you through your journey.

For sea kayaking, paddling, and stand-up paddle boarding, a kayak master or expedition leader guides your adventures through Antarctica’s waters to ensure a safe and fun experience. A Zodiac driver also follows close behind on these excursions in case of emergencies to respond quickly. Camping and hiking activities on shore include up to 3 expedition team members to help guide you through your excursions and instruct you on proper interactions with the wildlife and environment. Our camping excursion for Antarctica also includes an emergency tent. If you plan to take the polar plunge, rest assured you have backup on your adventure with safety staff and a doctor on standby at the gangway.

Please remember, we want to do our best to keep the wildlife safe as well. Make sure to maintain a safe distance of at least 15 feet at all times. We don’t want to scare the animals away, so make sure to keep noise to a minimum and never touch or feed them. The best way to ensure we maintain the balance of this fragile ecosystem is by leaving very few footprints behind. Enjoy the full Antarctica experience by admiring and appreciating all it has to offer and minimizing disturbances in the environment.

Call your Preferred Travel Advisor or one of our Voyage Specialists at 1.844.44.ATLAS (28527) for more information.
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